Whether you’re just starting treatment, are already taking BLENREP, or are a caregiver, you may have questions about the patient experience. 

BLENREP is a single agent that does not need to be combined with other multiple myeloma medications

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Intravenous treatment infusion over at least 30 minutes

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Available in an oncologist’s office or outpatient clinic

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Once every 3 weeks

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Available in an oncologist’s office or outpatient clinic

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Premedication with steroids is generally not required before your first infusion

If you experience an infusion-related reaction, your doctor will pause treatment and resume your dose at a slower rate (infused over a longer period of time) after symptoms resolve. Your healthcare provider may consider premedication, including a steroid, for any future infusions.

Your healthcare provider will decide on the correct dose of BLENREP for you and how many treatments you need. The dose is calculated based on your body weight.

If you miss any appointments, call your healthcare provider as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.

Dose modifications in the clinical study

Your healthcare provider may decrease your dose, temporarily stop, or completely stop treatment with BLENREP if you have side effects.

  • 54% of patients experienced a treatment interruption. Side effects that led to an interruption in more than 3% of patients included keratopathy (47%), blurred vision (5%), dry eye (3.2%), and pneumonia (3.2%)
  • 29% of patients experienced a dose reduction. Side effects that led to dose reduction in more than 3% of patients included keratopathy (23%) and decreased platelets (5%)
  •  8% of patients discontinued treatment permanently. This was most commonly due to keratopathy (2.1%)

Although eye problems with BLENREP can occur, they can generally be managed with dosage modification and supportive care 

While using BLENREP, make sure to:


Receive eye exams


Use eye drops


Avoid contact lenses


Use caution when driving

Patient receiving eye exam

Timing of eye exams

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First dose:

Eye exam within 3 weeks prior to the first dose

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Subsequent doses:

Eye exam within 2 weeks prior to the subsequent doses

Use preservative-free lubricant eye drops at least 4 times a day throughout treatment, as instructed by a healthcare provider.

Learn more about how to use and administer eye drops.


How eye exams work in conjunction with your BLENREP infusions

Enrollment in the BLENREP REMS

Baseline eye exam prior to first dose

First dose of BLENREP

Infusion every 3 weeks, with eye exam before each infusion

Represents requirements related to the BLENREP REMS and is not inclusive. Your healthcare provider may change your treatment based on other factors.

Your healthcare provider will determine next steps based on the findings in your eye exams


Eye exams show that you can continue to receive BLENREP

Your eye doctor will continue to monitor the health of your eyes throughout treatment on BLENREP.


Eye exams show that you have keratopathy or vision changes

Your healthcare provider will decide on next steps.

Based on eye exam results, your healthcare provider may decide to continue treatment at a decreased dose, temporarily stop and later resume at the same or a reduced dose, or completely stop treatment.

Explore the BLENREP REMS program. 


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My journey is unique to me, but as for now, I'm keeping a positive outlook for myself, my family, and my friends.


 – Kathy, BLENREP patient

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